This election season is a good time to talk about what government actually is. As a city councilmember, I understand the limitations of local government, and I appreciate what it can and cannot do.

It’s just government.

Hi, I’m Heather Fulcher, your Councilmember for Monroe City Council, position 4. You elected me back in 2019, and now I’m asking for your vote again. In my 4 years on the Council I have been a part of Parks/Public works/Planning, Public Safety and Legislative Affairs committees, lobbying efforts for 522 down in Olympia, as well as being a voice in Washington, DC.

Monroe has great history and great potential. My family has been in our community for generations. I’ve raised my kids here. I own a business here, and I am accessible in the community every day. I know what concerns we have.

I’m just Heather, and I will continue to serve all of Monroe to the best of my ability.